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Most people are familiar with black and green tea, however there are a number of other types too.  Each type is distinctive and has its own attributes, however surprisingly all types of tea are made using leaves from the same plant (camellia sinensis). The different types arise as a result of different manufacturing processes.


Black Tea (known as red tea in China)


Black tea is the tea that most people are familiar with. It's made using tea leaves that have been fully oxidised, hence its dark colour.  Black teas are robust, strong tasting teas that are particularly good served with lemon or milk.


Green Tea


Green tea is not oxidised at all, giving it its characteristic green colour.  Green teas tend to be lighter in flavour, and are best drunk without milk.  To get the best flavour from your green tea it's vital that you don't brew with boiling water. Find out more about optimal water temperature



types of tea

Oolong Tea (known as blue tea in China)


Oolong is a less well known type of tea - it is half way between a green and a black tea.  It tends to be oxidised between 20-80%.


White Tea


White tea is made from tender tea buds that are covered in a soft white fur.  This type of tea is the least processed.  Slight oxidation (8-15%) takes place giving rise to a delicately flavoured tea that is high in antioxidants.


Puerh (known as black tea in China)


A fermented tea that is left to mature for years.  It is often sold in "cake" form.  There are said to be huge health benefits from drinking this tea.


Tisanes (herbal tea)


These aren't technically tea as they're not made from the tea bush.  There are many different tisanes, with different flavours and health benefits.