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Silver Lantern Tea provides high-quality loose-leaf teas & tisanes that can be enjoyed on their own or customised to your own personal taste through blending at home. Our loose leaf teas & tisanes are some of the finest and have been specially chosen because of their great taste and large leaf appearance.

There’s nothing quite like a cup of tea. As well as the warmth and comfort from a steaming cup, there’s the pleasure that comes from the ceremony of making the tea. And all of this starts with preparing the tea blend.


Silver Lantern Tea is an independent, family business based in Surrey that offers a wide range of award-winning loose leaf teas. Since 2012, Rebecca, the founder of Silver Lantern Tea, has been encouraging tea lovers to make their own bespoke tea blends. Instead of providing pre-blended teas, Silver Lantern provides a wide range of tea types that can be blended together at home to create much loved classic blends- such as English Breakfast or Earl Grey- as well as new, unique combinations.

Make your own Blend

When it comes to tea blending, there really are no rules – part of the fun is in experimenting and finding new flavour combinations. Making your own tea blend is actually much easier than you might think – there’s plenty of advice and ideas on this site to inspire you and get you started.

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