Making Tea

The secret to making a good cup of tea is water (and good quality tea of course!).  The water used needs to be freshly drawn and at the right temperature.

Empty & refill that kettle!

Tempting as it is to keep reboiling that kettle time after time, it’s much better to use freshly drawn water each time you make a pot of tea. By using freshly drawn water you’re ensuring that it’s properly oxygenated – this is important to ensure your tea tastes its best. Those times that you’ve made a cup of tea in the normal way and it’s just tasted…well, a bit blah…chances are you used water that had been reboiled many times.

Keep it cool

Water temperature can make or break a good tea.  Whereas black teas need to be brewed using boiling water to be at their best, using the same water for green, oolong or white tea can completely ruin them. These more delicate teas require a lower temperature so that they’re not scorched by the water.  See the below guide to ensure you’re using the right temperature.

Just follow these steps to make the perfect cup of tea:

1) Fill your kettle with freshly drawn water and boil

2) Pour a little of the hot water into your pot and swill it round – this warms it up a bit

3) Put 1tsp of tea per 200ml water into your pot – preferably one with a removable filter

4) Pour water of correct temperature (see table) onto tea leaves

5) Leave to brew for time per instructions (between 2 and 5 minutes normally)

6) Pour your tea

°CTea TypeMinutes to cool from boiling.
100Black TeaNo Time - Use Immediately
90Black Tea and "Black" Oolong2-4 Minutes
85Green Tea4-6 Minutes
80Green, White and "Green" Oolong8-10 Minutes
70Green, White and "Green" Oolong16-20 Minutes