Looking for a Tea Re-fill Scheme?

Eco-Refill Scheme

Tea Refill – Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an environmentally friendly scheme that allowed you to re-fill your empty loose leaf tea pouches and save money?  Well, look no further.  We have the ideal re-fill scheme for you.

Silver Lantern Tea will re-fill your tea pouch with any of our loose leaf teas with a massive 35% discount.  Not only does this reduce waste and single use plastic, but it saves you money.

So how does our eco-refill scheme work? Well, just mail your used tea pouch to us and then purchase your chosen tea through our shop and use discount code “Eco-Refill35%” at checkout.  Once we receive your tea pouch (remember to include your name so we can identify it), we’ll refill it with your chosen tea and mail it back to you.


Strethall Road,
Littlebury, Saffron Walden,
CB11 4TQ

So for the price of a stamp, you get 35% off your re-fill order and the warm feeling that comes from doing the right thing for the planet.  And, there’s no limit to how many re-fills you want to order.  You can even buy a 25g tea pouch as your first purchase, and then send it back for a 50g re-fill once you’ve finished it.  We don’t mind how you do it, just as long as you keep re-using your old pouches and enjoying Silver Lantern Tea.

Be part of a Tea Revolution – Start drinking loose leaf today!

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