Make Your Own Tea Blend

Tea Blendology

Making your own tea blend is probably much easier than you think. Once you know what flavours you like, you can mix and match different teas to create a blend that suits you. For instance, if you love a strong, malty breakfast tea, why not create your own blend with extra Assam?

When it comes to tea blending, there really are no rules – part of the fun is in experimenting and finding new flavour combinations. Sometimes you’ll come up with a blend that is just right, and sometimes you won’t.  But that’s all part of the fun.

To get you started, all of our products include details of suggested blends.  Or, why not try one of our specific make your own tea blend kits?   

Tea Blending Box

Tisane Blending Box

These kits include 9 different loose leaf teas along with a blend recipe booklet to get you started. No special equipment is needed other than a teaspoon, tea pot and a desire to have a go!

Blend of the Week

Russian Caravan

1tsp Lapsang Souchong
1tsp Keemun
1tsp Oolong
Mix together
Brew 1tsp of blend using 200ml of freshly drawn boiling water

A wonderfully smoky, full flavoured blend that can be enjoyed throughout the day (and is particularly good with chocolate cake!).

Legend has it that Russian Caravan originated when camel caravans were used to transport tea over 6,000 miles from China to Russia.  This blend was made by mixing the different varieties of black tea in the caravans (with the added smokiness coming from the campfires!)